Sunday, August 5, 2007

A Bit Of History.....

A little bit of background on the Creamery. I will check my accuracy when I am able to unpack my files (which, sorry, may never happen at this rate!).

1924 March- The Construction of the Creamery as we know it is now complete. Designed by architect Harold Crawford, this majestic brick building replaces the old Creamery. The previous Creamery was a wood frame building that burned down in the winter of 1923. The Creamery produces high quality, specialty butter used in upscale restaurants in New York and Chicago.

1947 June 16Th- The last shipment of butter stamped "Viola Creamery Specials" leaves the Creamery destined for Chicago. During World War II, higher demand and competition for refrigerated milk trucks made larger creameries viable. Most smaller specialty creamery's are forced to close.

1946-1961- The Creamery is used for various purposes at this time. A cabinet making shop and a boat building business are just two mentioned in written history of the building.

1961- The Creamery is purchased and used for a hive to jar honey making operation. This business operates until it is closed down by the USDA in 1987.

1987-1998- The Creamery sits vacant and slowly deteriorates. Vandals begin to destroy this beautiful building. Windows are broken out and the 12 foot tall copula is stolen from the roof. Because of the gaping hole left behind, hundreds of pigeons take over the second level of the building and mice inhabit the rest.

1998 August- The Creamery is purchased by a bricklayer who can hardly stand to see such a beautiful building fall into such disrepair. With much hard work he begins to restore the Creamery to its original glory and has it placed on The National Register of Historic Places in 1999. From his hard work comes most of the information that I have today regarding the Creamery's past. Thanks Don!

2002 August- With countless hours of hard work from many family members, the Creamery has been renovated into a beautiful, one of a kind, fine dining restaurant, The Viola Creamery Steakhouse. We are finally able to open in August after going through almost a year of renovations and Building and Safety red tape.
The Creamery is fortunate enough to be enjoyed by both locals and many from Rochester. What other restaurant can you go to and see limos, motorcycles and combines all parked in the same lot? Much fun was had by all. The memories we shared there together and the friendships that we all built are sure to be remembered for a lifetime.
Sadly, in the Winter of 2005, the Creamery suffered some financial setbacks as many independently owned restaurants do. (Support your local restaurants people!)
Winters were always hard for the Creamery being so far off the beaten path but this year we just weren't able to recover and with much deliberation and sadness in our hearts we closed the doors for one final time. We love you VCS!

2007 April- A crazy couple with a very special place in their hearts for the Creamery, decide to take a huge leap and buy the Creamery to turn it into their own home. Somehow feeling like the luckiest people in the world and the most stressed out people in the world all at the same time. I didn't want someone else serving Sierra Nevada's at my bar, it was just more than I could take!